ICSE Class 10th Chemistry 8 – Study of compounds – Ammonia MCQs

Which does not require ammonia?

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Ammonia is used in the 1. Formation of nitrogenous fertilizers. 2. Manufacture of nitric acid by Ostwald process. 3. Manufacture of sodium carbonate by Solvay process.

The vapour formed when nitrogen tri-iodide ammoniate is either rubbed or struck against a surface is ____.

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When nitrogen tri-iodide ammoniate is either rubbed or struck against a surface, it explodes with noise, liberating vapours of iodine. 8NH3.NI3 -------> 5N2 + 9I2 + 6NH4

For the reaction N2 + 3H2 2NH3; Δf H0 = - 92.4 kJ mol-1, if low temperature is applied, then ____.

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At low temperatures, the rate of the reaction will be slow. The optimum temperature for the reaction has been found to be around 700K.

The no. of electrons lost by an ammonia molecule when heated with cupric oxide is ____.

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When ammonia is heated with cupric oxide, a molecule of ammonia will lose 3 electrons. The eqn is as follows: - NH3 + 3CuO -------------> N2 + H2O + 3Cu (-3) (0) Therefore, each nitrogen in ammonia molecule loses 3 electrons.

Ammonia reacts with Carbon dioxide to form ____.

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2 NH3 + CO2 → NH2CONH2 + H2O

Ammonia can be dried by ____ .

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Ammonia cannot be dried by concentrated sulphuric acid as it forms ammonium sulphat. It cannot be dried by anhydrous calcium chloride as it forms a complex.

____ is used as promoter in the haber's process of preparation of ammonia.

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Molybdinum is used as promoter in the haber's process.

Compound 'X' on hydrolysis yielded metal hydroxide and Ammonia, Here X is ____.

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Mg3N2 + 6H2O→3 Mg(OH)2 + 2NH3

'X' is a gas when passed through a trough containing water, which turns red litmus blue. In the above case X may be ____.

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When ammonia dissolved in water, ammonium hydroxide is formed, this is basic in nature and turns red litmus blue.

The catalyst used in manufacturing ammonia is ____.

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The rate of reaction in forming ammonia is fairly low around 700K. It is increased by using iron oxide as catalyst with small amounts of K2O and Al2O3.

____ process is used to prepare Ammonia industrially.

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N2 + 3H2→2NH3The above Process of preparation of ammonia is called Haber's process.

The complete balanced equation of CuSO4 + NH4OH ---------------->

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Copper sulphate dissolves in excess of ammonia to form soluble deep blue coloured complex [Cu(NH3)4]SO4, tetraammine copper (II) sulphate. This reaction is used as tests for cations in qualitative analysis.

Which is not the physical property of ammonia?

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The physical properties of ammonia are: - 1. Ammonia is a colourless gas 2. Ammonia has a characteristic pungent smell 3. Ammonia causes tears in the eyes 4. Ammonia is lighter than air

Complete and balance the following reaction: (NH4)2 SO4 + NaOH -------->

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On a small scale, ammonia is prepared by heating ammonium salts with a strong base. The equation is as follows: - (NH4)2 SO4 + 2NaOH --------> 2NH3 + 2H2O + Na2SO4

The promoter in the manufacturing of ammonia is used to ____.

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Sometimes, molybdenum is used as a promoter in manufacturing ammonia to increase the efficiency of the catalyst.

ICSE Class 10th Chemistry 8 - Study of compounds - Ammonia MCQs




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