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Which of the following crops is infected by foolish seedling disease?

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In Japan, Kurosawa observed that rice plants were infected by a fungus , Gibberella fujikuroi and named bakanae. Bakanae in Japanese means foolish. Hence, the disease is known as foolish seedling disease.

Phytohormones are ____.

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Phytohormones are naturally occurring organic chemical substances present in plants which bring about control and coordination of various activities like growth, promotion of dormancy, opening and closing of stomata ,falling of leaves, fruit growth and ripening, etc.

Which of the following is a stress hormone of plants?

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Stress hormone of plants is Abscisic acid.

Auxins can induce the growth of ____ roots in stem cutting.

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Auxins can induce the growth of adventitious roots in plants grown by stem cutting.

The suitable temperature for vernalization is____.

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Winter cold treatment is necessary for winter flowering varieties. The suitable temperature for vernalization is 4°C and time period varies from 4 days to 3 months.

Fungus secretions were isolated and named as gibberellins by ____.

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In 1938, Yabuta and his co-workers isolated a chemical from fungus and named gibberellins.

A substance which accelerates secondary growth in stem is ____.

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Auxin is important for secondary growth in stem and differentiation of xylem and phloem tissue.

Growth is primarily affected by two climatic factors, such as ____.

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The growth of the plants is affected by factors like light and temperature. In response to these factors, the growth may slow down or accelerate.

6-purin is isolated from ____.

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In 1965, Letham and Miller isolated the chemical 6-purin from the yeast.

Avena coleoptiles test was first done by ____.

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Avena plant is used to test the curvature of plant by phytohormones. This test was first conducted by F.W.Went.

Rapid growth of stem in rosette plants is called ____.

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Enormous elongation of growth in internodes of stem by the action of gibberellins is called bolting.

Which of the following is an example of short day long plant?

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Short day long plants or day neutral plants, are not dependent on photoperiod. E.g: tomato and sun flower.

In paddy crop, tall and sterile are the symptoms of ____.

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Kurosawa obtained extract from rice plants were infected with fungus Gibberella fujikuroi , disease name is foolish seedling disease. These rice plants were taller and sterile.

In decapitated plants, axillary buds are activated because ____.

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Cytokinins and auxins act antagonistically in the control of axillary bud.

During secondary growth in plants, secondary xylem formation is promoted by ____ .

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Cytokinins in conjunction with auxin can promote cell division in permanent tissues, which results in the formation of secondary xylem during secondary growth.

Differential curvature in phototropism and geotropism is produced due to differential distribution of ____.

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Phototropism and geotropism exhibited by plants depend up on the quantity of Indole acetic acid, a phytohormone.

The term vernalization was coined by ____.

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The term vernalization was coined by Lysenko, for promotion of flowering by cold treatment.

2, 4-D promotes flowering in ____.

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2, 4 -D is used for producing more number of flowers in apple.

Zeatin is isolated from ____.

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In 1965, Letham and Miller isolated a chemical from the endosperm of maize grain and named Zeatin.

Phytohormones used in development of male flowers on genetically developed female plants are____.

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Gibberellins induces the formation of male flower on genetically developed female plants like cannabis and cucurbits.

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