Gender division is based on:

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Gender division is based on certain premises fixed by society.

Who or what is a feminist?

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A feminist is a person who believes that men and women are equal, and have equal rights and opportunities. The basic objective of feminism is to give women their due in the social set-up, and not to keep them confined to the home.

India has a:

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In most Indian families, the father's decision is considered to be final. He is considered the head of the family.

Patriarchy means:

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The family that carries the name of the father and where the father is the head of the family is known as a patriarchal family. A society with such a system is known as a patriarchal society.

The role of women in public life is:

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In spite of the progress that India has made in almost sphere of life, we still find very few women in public life. There are, of course, many exceptions.

Men can do housework, but:

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Doing housework is considered a social stigma for men as they view themselves as superior to women and consider housework a menial job.

What was the result of the feminist movement?

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As a result of the feminist movement, women got equal status as men in political and legal matters.

In which of these countries is the participation of women in public life very high?

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The Nordic countries make up a region in Northern Europe and far north-eastern North America, called the Nordic region, which consists of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and their associated territories. The participation of women in public life is very high in these countries.

The political expression of gender division:

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Gender division highlighted the plight of women and forced policy-makers to take notice.

Sexual division of labor means:

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Sexual divison of labour means women have to do all the work at home. This has been the way society has divided labour over the ages. This has been so because earlier, women were not so educated. They were, therefore, incapable of working outside due to lack of technical abilities, and this continues even today to some extent.

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